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in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. martha: we are back in the hearing. this is representative nunez from california who has asked mr. miller at any time had contact with the obama campaign and white house. he has said no. he said in his capacity he did do some communications with treasury and believes that on the topic of this in terms of targeting, that happened very recently. let's listen in. >> why did you resign or why are you resigning? >> i never said i didn't do anything wrong, mr. nunez. what i said is contained in the questions. i resigned because as the acting commissioner what happens in the irs, whether i was personally involved or not, stops at my desk. and so i should be held accountable for what happens, whether i was personally involved or not, is a very different question, sir. >> well, i hope that you would be willing to submit all your e-mails, phone records, any personal meetings that you had in the last four years and i think that would really, i think keep your reputation in good standing with this committee and the
, come on down. a lot to get to. meanwhile, let's go inside, because natalie is in hawaii, tamron hall is at the newsdesk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. >>> president obama heads to maryland today to discuss jobs and the economic recovery amid three big scandals. this as congress holds its first hearings today on the irs targeting of tea party groups. on thursday, the president answered questions about the controversy involving the attack on the american cons has in benghazi, libya, and the fbi's spying on the associated press. >>> a 3,800-acre wildfire is raging north of los angeles. crews have the blaze about 25% contained, but high winds are scuttling their efforts. no homes have been threatened yet by the fire, but it has spread to three counties. >>> world health officials are concerned that a deadly virus is now spreading person to person. four new cases of a coronavirus have been reported in saudi arabia where 15 people have died in the past year. scientists say it is spreading through close contact between people. >>> some homeowners impacted by superstorm sandy are
, the protesters from, the world can't wait, contend the obama administration and the justice department could close guantanomo prison but is dragging the process out. he says th cgress n't let him close down guantanomo. that's not true the president has the authority under the national yesterday. he could do it, he doesn't want to do it. eric holder is here and also a war criminal on the faculty, john yoo, so we're to say that neither of these people should be held up as role models for university students and law graduates. attorney general eric holder addressed the law school graduates. professor john yoo authored what is known as the torture memo which authorized methods by the central intelligence agency during the bush administration. coming up on kron 4 news at 11. . a vicoius scatboard attack.police looking for the suspect. plus.a 15 year old east bay girl missing tonight. come out about the cleveland abductions of threrl we are now hearing from other kidnap victims who details, next. a 15-year-old girl is still ita avez was first reported missing from her uncle's home in fremont last
Search Results 350 to 352 of about 353